Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes our policies and procedures regarding the collection, use and disclosure of your information when you use the Service and tells you about your privacy rights and how the law protects you.

We use your data to provide and improve the Service. By using the Service, you consent to the collection and use of information following this privacy policy.

1. General provisions:
1.1. The privacy policy regulates the rights and obligations of two parties: Users of the website and its Administration (the owner company).
1.2. The privacy policy is posted at and may be changed by the Administration at any time.
1.3. The privacy policy comes into force from the moment of posting.
1.4. The User’s obligation to familiarize himself with the conditions of posting information on the site comes into force from the moment of visiting the site.
1.5. In case of agreement with the terms of the Privacy Policy, which is confirmed by clicking on the button “Accept the terms of the Privacy Policy”, the User assumes responsibility for the quality and content of the text, photo and video materials and comments posted on the site.
1.6. Individual sections of the site may have limited or special conditions of use (advertising blocks, ratings, announcements, etc.), which you can find out about by contacting the Administration if you cannot find information about it on the site yourself.
1.7. If the User refuses to comply with the terms of this Policy, the Site Administration has the right to prohibit the posting of information in any form about the User, his services, his company and any other information that contradicts the Privacy Policy and current legislation.

2. Use of the site:
2.1. The fact of posting information by the User on the site is confirmation of his consent to bear responsibility for the content of the published materials and their impact on those who will use them.

2.2. Responsibilities of the User:
2.2.1. Use this site following this Policy and do not violate the Copyright Act, as well as other legal norms related to this field.
2.2.2. Do not distort the content of the information provided to increase its uniqueness, if it is taken from Internet sources.
2.2.3. Provide only true information about yourself and your organization, including about your and her services, prices, addresses, location on the map, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, emblems, etc., and also make corrections promptly, in case of changes.
2.2.4. Take into account the rules of grammar and spelling when creating textual information.
2.2.5. Use only one account.
2.2.6 Place information about yourself, the company and services strictly in the appropriate sections. If it is not found, you should contact the Site Administration for clarification.
2.2.7. Monitor the complete disclosure of the topic, including not posting abbreviated versions of articles, news, etc. with subsequent redirection to a third-party resource.
2.2.8. Placement of any links to external resources (which are not a structural element of this site) is possible only after the permission of the Administration and checking the quality of the link.
2.2.9. To independently delete information about yourself and your company, or to notify the administrator of such a need in case of termination of the activities indicated on the website.

2.3. Prohibited:
2.3.1. Copy information from other resources to the site.
2.3.2. Post information that is known to be false and prohibited by current legislation.
2.3.3. Use capital letters in the text, unless it is an abbreviation.
2.3.4. Place links that lead to sites with malicious software, and also do not correspond to the topic of the material in which they are inserted.
2.3.5. Post links, comments and any other advertising materials about earning money on the Internet, illegal part-time jobs for students, including in the field of intimate services and trafficking in illegal substances.
2.3.6. Use the database of e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and other personal information posted on the site by other Users and the Administration for any purpose, including mailing or transferring to a third party.
2.3.7. Post information about yourself, including about training, to companies working in the following areas:
– network marketing, which requires material investments,
– gaming business,
– erotic services,
– occult services,
– stock market trading,
– investment business.
2.3.8. Include in the titles of published materials, variations of words and phrases on the topic: “Attention”, “Promotion”, “Hurry”, “Only us”, “Unique”, “Best”, etc.

2.4. The user has the right to:
2.4.1. Use site materials following the Terms specified in the Policy.
2.4.2. Post information about yourself and your services on behalf of a legal entity or an individual under the conditions stipulated in this Agreement.
2.4.3. Notify the Administration about improper use of this site or information taken from it.
2.4.4. Leave comments on posts, posted by other Users, or request the removal of offensive comments on their publications.
2.4.5. Independently delete or change information about yourself, as well as published materials.
2.4.6. Submit a complaint to the Administration against another User.

2.5. Rights of the Administration:
2.5.1. Use e-mails of registered users for mass mailing of administrative messages.
2.5.2. Use e-mail to send notifications about new materials on the site to Users who have subscribed.
2.5.3. Transfer any materials and messages to the appropriate section if, in the opinion of the Administration, the place of publication was chosen by the User incorrectly.
2.5.4. Delete materials published by the User or comments left by the User without prior notification, if they contradict the terms of this Policy or current legislation of Ukraine.
2.5.5. Block the User’s account if the User has repeatedly violated the terms of this Agreement or initially created the account for purposes contrary to the Agreement and current legislation.
2.5.6. Delete information, as well as block accounts of persons and companies that are not related to the general topic of the site.
2.5.7. Delete information, as well as accounts of persons and companies that have not passed verification for the veracity of posted contact information, the essence of services, prices, conditions, etc.
2.5.8. Delete all information about the User if he has changed his field of activity and the posted information is no longer valid.
2.5.9. Terminate the site at any time if there are no obligations to Users placed on advertising rights.

2.6. Rules for publishing comments:
2.6.1. It is unacceptable to post comments that have illegal, obscene, racist, threatening, or offensive connotations.
2.6.2. The content of the comment must correspond to the material under which it is published.
2.6.3. The design of the text must comply with the accepted norms of communication on the Internet.
2.6.4. Adding links to the text, advertising materials, incitement, and incitement to actions that are not related to the topic of the commented material is prohibited.

3. The administrator reserves the right to:
3.1. Make changes to the site’s structure, design, and terms of use.
3.2. Adjust this Agreement unilaterally.
3.3. To change the types of services provided and their cost, terms of validity, about which Users posting information will be notified for a fee.
3.4. Edit or delete materials posted by the User, if there are reasons for this based on the provisions of this Policy.
3.5. To use user materials placed in direct access on the site, including placing them on partners’ sites to attract traffic, promoting the User and other purposes that do not contradict the existing norms of the Law of Ukraine.
3.6. Check the authenticity of the information published by the Users in any of the available ways.

4. The Administration is NOT responsible for:
4.1. Content of materials published by Users.
4.2. Damage caused as a result of using the Site and information from it.
4.3. The quality of materials posted by Users. Moderation carried out on the site is a voluntary and free initiative on the part of the Administration, and therefore it is carried out at the time and in the amount that is convenient for the site employees and is not mandatory.
4.4. Statements and comments of users towards each other, the government, the situation in the country, etc.
4.5. Conformity of the materials posted by Users to the requirements of the law, violation of copyright by them, use of information of third parties without permission, etc. Please send all claims on these issues directly to the party that published the material.
4.6. Direct or indirect damages of users who have violated the rights of a third party or the Law, and who have been punished for this in the form of the imposition of fines or other sanctions. All disputes related to this issue are resolved by the User without involving the Administration in this process.
4.7. Full or partial loss of materials by the User is not the fault of the Administration.

5. Effect of the Agreement:
5.1. This agreement enters into force from the moment of its acceptance by the User by clicking on the button “Accept the terms of the Privacy Policy”.