About us

Blaupunkt has been offering its products worldwide with the best possible price-performance ratio for decades. For almost 100 years, every product manufactured by Blaupunkt has been tested and approved for sale in the form of a blue dot. “We no longer have to attach the blue dot manually – it’s been our brand logo since 1938.”

About us
History of the company
  1. A company called “Ideal Radiotelefon- & Apparatefabrik” was founded in Berlin when radio started developing. The product portfolio included headphones and radios. Headphones with particularly high sound quality were identified with a blue dot as a sign of quality. The blue dot quickly became a symbol of outstanding quality.

  2. The Blaupunkt company manufactured the world’s first car radio.

  3. The quality mark became the brand’s trademark, and the blue dot became the company’s name – Blaupunkt. “Just a little dot. But it is of great importance.”

  4. The Arkona series has been very successful and famous since its launch. The Blaupunkt series of TVs and radios have expanded the wide range of consumer electronics. The Blaupunkt company sold more than a million car radios in the same year.

  5. The company has established a wide range of consumer and automotive multimedia electronics with the quality inherent in German manufacturers, successfully sold in more than 50 countries worldwide.

  6. A full range of consumer electronics and automotive multimedia has been successfully distributed in over 50 countries.

  7. Blaupunkt received the “Brands of the Century – Stars 2016” award. A panel of experts nominated the Blaupunkt brand in cooperation with the editors of the specialist publishing house “Deutsche Standards Editionen.”