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    • How to set the date and time?
    • Go to settings and select the Date and time section.
    • Automatic date and time - press ▼ ▲ to select an option and press OK
    • Set date - press ▼ ▲ to select an option and press OK
    • Set time - press ▼ ▲ to select an option and press OK
    • Set Time Zone - press ▼ ▲ to select an option and press OK
    • Using 24 Hour Format - Press “▼ ▲” to select an option and press “OK” or select ON / OFF.
    • How to use voice search?
    • Follow the recommendations of the "Setup Wizard" when you first start the TV.
    • Press Voice Search the special button on the remote. Pressing activates voice search.
    • How to connect TV to WiFi network?
    • Go to settings and select the Network and Internet section. Press ▼ ▲ buttons on the remote control to select.
    • Press OK to select.
    • Select the network you need and establish a connection to it.

    After completing the setting, press the OK button to save and return to the previous menu.

    • How to start Youtube?
    • Youtube button on the remote control, which launches the application with one click.
    • You can use voice search
    • Select the Youtube application in the Applications section
    • How do I connect my Google account? How do I sign up with Google?
    • Open the Android TV home page.
    • Go to the Settings section
    • Click Add Account
    • Sign in to your Google account by following the instructions on the screen.
    • How to install the application?
    • Go to the app store in the Google Play Market
    • Select the application of interest and click the install button
    • You can also install the application via a USB drive
    • How to connect a device via Bluetooth?
    • Select Remotes and accessories section
    • Search for the device you want.
    • After searching, the available devices will appear in the list to connect
    • Connect your device to the TV.
    • How to install the MEGOGO app?
    • Go to the supplementary store in the Google Play Market
    • Know the addition of MEGOGO and press the button to install
    • How update operating system?

    The device itself will prompt you to update Android.


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