TV Blaupunkt HD 32WC265

Main features

  • The built-in media player
  • Time shift function
  • Preset modes
  • Dolby Audio technology

Top features

Time shift function - will allow you not to miss important moments on the air, just press pause while watching live TV

The built-in media player turns the Blaupunkt 32WC265 into a home theater

Dolby Audio technology immerses you in an ocean of sounds

Preset modes - perfect picture and sound for movies, sports or concerts

Exquisite 32 ” TV Blaupunkt 32WC265

Ideal picture setting for every viewing mode

Preset setting modes such as Cinema, Sports, Music, etc. are optimized for the respective usage scenario as they have the best color, contrast and brightness settings.

The special design of the sound system “brings to life” what is happening on the screen

A high-quality sound system will allow you to enjoy the work in the form in which the author conceived and created it. The preset modes of sound settings will allow you to choose the optimal mode for watching a movie, concert or game.

More than just a TV

Blaupunkt 32WC265 TV allows you to pause TV broadcasting so as not to miss important moments, it is as easy to do as when watching your recordings, just press pause on the remote control.

The function of recording TV programs on the drive allows you to save a live broadcast and view it at any convenient time without waiting for a repeat.

The built-in media player turns the Blaupunkt 32WC265 into a home theater. Just insert a USB drive with your favorite TV show, movie or other video and press “PLAY”



System Information







Power Management & dimensions

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